Beauty Therapy and Treatments


Aroma facial

€70 ♦ 1hr
The aroma facial is a wonderful treatment that includes a neck, scalp, upper chest, shoulder and upper back massage. Using essential oils, this treatment will encourage the skin to rejuvenate. It will rehydrate the skin, improve circulation and muscle facial tone. Various pressure points applied to ease headaches, stress, insomnia, sinus problems and tension. This treatment will include a cleanse tone and moisturise.

Deep cleansing facial

€70 ♦ 1hr
This particular facial will help to unclog pores, refine the skin and brighten the complexion .It will also help to eliminate the appearance of blemished skin. This treatment will include cleansing, steam extractions, facial massage, exfoliation and a facial mask.

Soothing facial

€70 ♦ 1hr
This treatment is recommended for dry and sensitive skin types. This treatment is deeply absorbent and fragrance free. It will gently restore your skins balance and revive its natural protective layer. Using almond oil, to moisturise and soothe irritated skin.


Swedish massage

€70 ♦ 1hr
The Swedish techniques vary widely from light to vigorous. This massage is amazing for somebody with a busy lifestyle that may find themselves stressed and having tension. The massage techniques include 5 basic strokes, effleurage, Petrissage, tapoment, friction, and vibration. Swedish massage can reduce pain and joint stiffness. It is a classic massage using a light oil.

Deep tissue massage

€70 ♦ 1hr
Similar to Swedish massage, with deeper pressure applied. A Host of Benefits from releasing muscle tension, help with pain and mobility. It consists of slower but deeper movements which aims to loosen muscle tension, release toxins from the muscles and increase blood circulation and oxygen to problem areas.


€70 ♦ 1hr
An Aromatherapy massage can help to boost your wellbeing relieve stress and also uplift. Aromatherapy uses essential oils that have healing properties. These oils are extracted from flowers, fruits, leaves etc. The massage techniques that will be used are classic massage techniques.

A reviving neck, head and shoulder massage

€45 ♦ 30m
This is a wonderful pick me up designed to ease headaches and release tension .This 30 minute massage will help to revive relax and restore a sense of calm to your day. Also ideally suited to combat repetitive work.

Indian Head massage

€45 ♦ 30m
Indian Head involves a relaxing but invigorating massage on the head, neck and shoulders, wording with a firm and gentle rhythm helps to relieve muscular discomfort and tension along with calming and aiding relaxation .Indian Head is fantastic for relieving tension, headaches aching shoulders, stress, poor concentration and a tight neck.


€70 ♦ 1hr
This treatment will help to restore and maintain the body’s natural balance. Its therapy manipulates pressure points on the feet. The soles of the feet are seen as a map of the body with specific points corresponding to different organs of the body. This treatment is very relaxing and will help you unwind. It will also incorporate an invigorating foot massage.