At Marlfield House, we are actively working to eliminate single-use plastics by finding replacements.

  • Bathroom amenities – we no longer use small individual plastic container of bathroom amenities including shampoo, conditioner, body wash and have replaced them with multiple use refillable containers in every room.
  • Cotton buds – we no longer provide plastic stick cotton buds in bedrooms and are trying to source a replacement.
  • Drinking straws  – we have replaced drinking straws with reusable and/or recyclable alternatives.
  • Cocktail stirrers – we have replaced cocktail stirrers straws with reusable and/or recyclable alternatives.
  • Kitchen piping bags – alternative reusable or recyclable materials have been sourced as a replacement.
  • Plastic water bottles – we offer sustainable water bottle options to our guests.
  • This also includes breakfast cereal boxes which have a plastic inner bag and yogurt pots.
  • Pedal bin liners – plastic bin liners will not be used for lining individual bins in offices, bathrooms or staff areas. These will not to be replaced with non-plastic alternatives, as these materials could have a detrimental impact on staff ability to recycle its contents.
  • Coasters – we use reusable or recyclable alternatives such as leather, cotton or paper with wax coated back.
  • Linen and towel delivery – we are working with our outsourced laundries (bed linen, towels and restaurant linen) to ensure that our laundry is collected and delivered without single-use plastic packaging.


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